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Huntington Station BID

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a BID?

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a geographical area where local stakeholders oversee and fund the maintenance, improvement and promotion of their commercial district.


For more than 40 years, BIDs have been valuable and proven partners in ongoing initiatives of neighborhood revitalization and economic development across the country.


Who pays for a BID?

Property owners within the BID receive a special assessment on their tax bill each year.


The assessment is based off a formula, and can take into account the property's size and/ or commercial frontage. Depending on the terms of the individual lease, business owners might help pay the assessment tax. 


Who runs the BID?

Each BID is run by a non-for-profit organization with a local Board of Directors, who are elected by members of the district.


All decision making related to the BID is made by this Board, which must include property owners, commercial tenants, residents, and publicly elected officials. The Board decides how the BIDs budget is spent and who is hired to execute BID initiatives.


What will the BID do for me, a resident of Huntington Station?

BIDs create vibrant, clean, and safe districts. For commercial tenants, this can result in more people out on the streets and more customers. For residential tenants, this means a nicer community in which to live. Property owners within the BID frequently see property values rise.

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