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Who We Are

The Mission of The Huntington Station Business Improvement District Association Inc., (HS BID), is to physically improve our District by keeping it clean, promoting beautification and safety, and the support of our member businesses.

The Huntington Station BID has been responsible for many improvements within its boundaries such as security cameras, Christmas lights, summer hanging flower baskets, street trash receptacles, support of community activities such as the HS Unity Parade and Festival, beautification and maintenance of the streets and of the parking garage on Broadway. We support store front façade improvements and are a strong lobbying force and a recipient of grants for general improvements to the Huntington Station Community.

Huntington Station BID

Our goal is to enhance the vitality and appeal of the Businesses within Huntington Station. Founded with a commitment to continuous improvement, we are dedicated to fostering a thriving and inviting community environment.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Maintain Cleanliness: We believe that a clean environment is fundamental to creating a positive impression and fostering community pride. Through regular maintenance initiatives and collaborative efforts with local stakeholders, we ensure that our district remains clean and inviting for residents, visitors, and businesses alike.

  • Promote Beautification: We are passionate about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our district. Through various beautification projects, such as landscaping, public art installations, and streetscape enhancements, we aim to create a visually appealing and vibrant atmosphere that reflects the unique character of Huntington Station.

  • Ensure Safety: The safety and well-being of our community members are of paramount importance to us. We work tirelessly to implement safety measures, including the installation of security cameras and collaboration with law enforcement agencies, to create a secure environment where everyone can feel protected and at ease.

  • Support Member Businesses: We recognize the vital role that businesses play in driving economic growth and vitality within our district. As such, we are committed to providing support and resources to our member businesses, fostering collaboration, and creating opportunities for their success.

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